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The Mountains

On the third side of this tasty triangle is the Sierra, or mountain region; perhaps surprisingly, the area with highest rainfall in Spain, with a beautiful landscape of whitewashed villages, producing a wide variety of products. The vegetation provides food for an abundant population of goats, some of them native breeds. The past decade has brought increased popularity to the fantastic cheeses made with milk from two indigenous breeds, the Payoyo goat and Merina Grazalemeña sheep. Local dairies have reached the world elite of cheeses, achieving numerous international awards in recent years. These breeds also produce high quality meat that is now starting to be marketed successfully.

The second major livestock activity in the Sierra, extending to the countryside region, is the rearing of Ibérico pigs, for the production of both meats and charcuterie products.

But there are still more emerging sectors in the Sierra. There is, for example, the extra virgin olive oil made from native varietals like Manzanilla de Zahara, usually combined with Lechín and other olive varietals. In recent years, another thriving business is the production of wines, especially reds. And also abundant in the Sierra is honey production, once again shared with other areas of the countryside. Organic honey and traditional honey of countless varieties: thousand flowers, oak, heather, eucalyptus, lavender, orange blossom...

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