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The Tastiest Triangle

The province of Cadiz, on the southern tip of Spain, is shaped like a triangle, an equilateral triangle at that, the most balanced of triangles if you measure the sides in terms of flavor. Few areas of the world are fortunate enough to have a "triangle" that holds the sea, the mountains and the countryside, and when all three sides are added the result is a fascinating blend of products from land and sea and, consequently, of gastronomic traditions.

The main culinary advantage of Cadiz is its diversity, the diversity of its territories, which makes for an extremely rich cuisine and gourmet offer. Its geographical location between two seas, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, its different terrains, the different climates and soils, all help in consolidating a widely varying range of ecosystems, both on the coast and inland, in the mountains and the countryside. This variety is in turn reflected in a series of "terroirs", promoting the production of a wide and interesting variety of gourmet products from diverse sectors.

The Coast...

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